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Monday Morning…..

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Monday morning has a storied position in popular culture.

A day of drudgery – back to the grind – the antithesis of “Workin’ for the weekend”

For me, it’s just another day – except that I need to clean up other the slack resulting from people who refuse to work weekends.  Getting responses from email that are two or three days old, like im sure the recipient didnt check their email all weekend, is a total pain in the ass.  Sure, you had time to post on facebook, have sunday morning brunch, but you couldnt respond to an email over the weekend.  Or maybe you spend your down time reading “brilliant” blogs like this “dribble” (Wow, I just read the best small business top 10 list – my business is sure to be a success – one has to ask how many fucking tire kicking entrepreneurs there are out there.  Does anyone find this crap useful?)

We will see how long I sit on your cheque this week.  you know, the one for all your brilliant ideas……

Most people are just so fucking lazy


Written by insaneentrepreneur

April 7, 2008 at 10:22 am

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