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When I go away, I often use Gotomypc so I can access my office computer. I have yet to pay for this service – I simply use their 30 day free trial. Sorry, that is not true. I havent paid for this service for about 3 years or so.

Wanna know why.

Simple, because I was paying too much for it.

Know how i know?

Because gotomypc told me so. Here, take a look at the message i get from them after i cancel my trial offer.

GoToMyPC Special OfferDear xxx:

We're extending our special offer so you can still get unlimited remote
access to your PC for our lowest price ever, only $11.42 a month with
the purchase of an Annual Plan. That's 58% off the regular monthly
price - over $163 in savings!


GoToMyPC Saves You Time: Get quick access to a forgotten file; gain
greater work flexibility and work/life balance; travel and still get work
done; reduce stress and increase your productivity and much more.

Enjoy secure access to your PC from any Web browser at this incredibly
low yearly price. Find out for yourself how GoToMyPC increases your
productivity, saves you time and money and gives you greater peace of mind
when you know your PC and documents are always a click away.

Purchase now and get:

- A year of unlimited PC access for $137. (Save $163!)

- Free unlimited support and upgrades.

Click now to log in and take advantage of this offer:

and here is their regular pricing

One PC $19.95/mo. $179.40/yr. Save 25% Buy Now
Two PCs $29.95/mo. $269.40/yr. Save 25% Buy Now
3-20 PCs Additional PCs: $14.98/mo. OR $135.60/yr. Buy Now

Wasn’t I pissed. Here I was paying at one point paying $20 a month as a regular user and they were dropping their pants to like 11 bucks ( well actually it is $8.25 a month – i guess their copywriters are illiterates as well) for some user who canceled their subscription. How is that for rewarding customer loyalty………..

Can you say “Fuck you” to a loyal customer any louder? Can you destroy the value of your product any quicker? Thank god most of your customers dont pay attention to this.



Written by insaneentrepreneur

April 8, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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