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You are still gonna need toilet paper

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Seriously, enough of this Web2.0 bullshit.

To quote my new frienemy – recruiting animal or someone he stole this from

Why Boomers aren’t losers:
Common belief has it that once you’re 50 you have a closed mind. Apparently, however, that’s not necessarily true.
Workers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s don’t need time for child care. But they do want time off for leisure activities. So they might be best as seasonal employees wintering in Florida.
White-collar baby boomers are computer literate. They’re just not completely up to date on the latest web 2.0 applications.

Heavens to betsy………..not up to date on web 2.0 applications. Imagine the horror of not knowing what a blog or twitter is. Holy fuck, imagine the embarrassment of not caring about technorati….the shame and disgrace that will befall anyone that ignorant.

The last time I looked we still havent figured out a way to live with out toilet paper – or any other physical goods. So until that time when they figure out how to rig up an in-utero internet connection, there will be a world outside of the internet.

Im holding my breath for them to webify the oil industry……………

Seriously, get some fucking perspective people


Written by insaneentrepreneur

April 8, 2008 at 10:24 am

Posted in Hubris

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