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Monday Morning…..

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Monday morning has a storied position in popular culture.

A day of drudgery – back to the grind – the antithesis of “Workin’ for the weekend”

For me, it’s just another day – except that I need to clean up other the slack resulting from people who refuse to work weekends.  Getting responses from email that are two or three days old, like im sure the recipient didnt check their email all weekend, is a total pain in the ass.  Sure, you had time to post on facebook, have sunday morning brunch, but you couldnt respond to an email over the weekend.  Or maybe you spend your down time reading “brilliant” blogs like this “dribble” (Wow, I just read the best small business top 10 list – my business is sure to be a success – one has to ask how many fucking tire kicking entrepreneurs there are out there.  Does anyone find this crap useful?)

We will see how long I sit on your cheque this week.  you know, the one for all your brilliant ideas……

Most people are just so fucking lazy


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April 7, 2008 at 10:22 am

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Some people have an inflated sense of self importance

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Doesn’t Zell Know That “Shock & Awe” Won’t Build Engagement? asks

Frankly Judy, I don’t think Mr. Zell cares what you think (or what I think for that matter). But what I would say is that this guy sold one of his companies for $39 billion and has a net worth of about $6 billion. And I suspect that somewhere in that empire of real estate, he may have had a person or two to manage. I could be wrong, but I have yet to see anyone build a company of that size with nary an employee.

While your firm may be “engagement specialists”, Mr Zell seems to be, well, “a making-sick-amounts-of-money-specialist” and since the name of the game is making money, I suspect that Mr. Zell’s management instincts are probably well honed.

But I’m sure he appreciates your concern

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April 7, 2008 at 1:41 am

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We had spent a good part of the last half of 2007 working on a North American distribution deal with a large multinational corporation for our product that got shit canned at the last moment because one of my employees has “legal boo boo” in his background history. I guess our betroth finally got a round to doing some due diligence on the deal and came across this issue.

Given the fact that they were the ones paying us based on the performance of our product and there was no concrete financial commitment involved (If our product didn’t sell, we got zilch, if it did sell, they made a giant risk free margin), I really had trouble figuring out what the issue was. I think if I refused to transact business with anyone and everyone who ever had a legal issue in their past, I would probably be tilling my own land, weaving my own cloth, sewing my own clothes and milking my own cows.

I mean seriously, we weren’t the ones forced to recall a number of our products after they were found to have caused serious bodily harm and death to people, they were. But “we read something on the internet about one of your associates that we arent comfortable with” is somehow grounds to terminate a contract.

Numerous thoughts and emotion ran through my head when I got that call back in January terminating the deal, especially the cowardice on their part involved in dealing with it. The prick that we had been dealing with for close to 6 months didn’t even have the balls to deal with the situation himself, instead pawning it off on one of his underlings – I’ve seen that passing off thing a lot in my dealings with the corporate world.

Since the company we were dealing with was Canadian, I was consider pursuing them on the grounds of some human rights violation. The PR would have been deadly for them. And for a brief moment, I was actually considering flying down to where this joker lived in the bible belt and leaving a flaming bag of dog shit on his porch.

But in the end I realized that I am not in the “causes” business, nor in the “dog shit delivery” business, I’m in the “sell stuff to make money” type of business and filed the experience away in the “Life isn’t fair – get fucking used to it” file, and got on building our own distribution network piece by piece – which is a pain in the fucking ass, but is just part of business.

My revenge is going to come the next time we cross paths (because you know that it always happens) and I’m in the power position. I will crush him – completely.

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April 6, 2008 at 7:37 pm

So really, what do I do

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Some days I actually wonder that, a lot.

I get up – fight my way through the pedestrian crowds to get to my office only to find out that my logistics company has been shipping the wrong inventory to customers.

Or that my manufacturer has decided to ship me a container of goods unpallatized.

Or maybe it was the time my manufacturer sent me a shipment of finished goods that contained hundreds of dead flies that had to be removed by hand.  “Oh sorry,” they said.  “It was hot in the factory and we don’t have screens on our windows.”

You just can’t plan for this shit – don’t even bother with a business plan.  Grab a piece of paper, write down your ideas and stick it someplace you will see it every day.  Doing anything more than that is just wasting time that you should be putting into your business.

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April 5, 2008 at 2:31 pm

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Walking Out

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I have walked out of 4 fast food outlets in the last 2 days – including the same location twice – due to crappy service. It’s called fast food because it is supposed to be FAST. It isn’t called “I’ll get to serving you after I have finished cleaning the oven and talking to my co-workers” food, cuz if it was, I would at least know what type of services I was in for.

The last time I looked, ovens don’t have wallets that they can reach into and pay you for something. People do. Maybe I’m wrong.

What’s the point of this blurb?

Save your non revenue producing activities for when there are no customers to serve or alternatively, open up a location in a place like, say Cuba, where people are probably used to getting crappy service.

The customer is king

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April 5, 2008 at 11:22 am

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5 Bucks

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to the person who manage to get Guy Kawasaki to shut his mouth.  He’s really really annoying

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April 5, 2008 at 4:49 am

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So Why Do It?

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So why would anyone pick the path of being an entrepreneur.

I think it comes down to one of two reasons.

You’re either a lazy fuck who doesn’t want to be held accountable to anyone else, thinks that the work day starts at 10 am and refuses to wear a tie. You’re not an entrepreneur, you are a hack. You just cant find anyone to hire you on a permanent basis because you’re such a lazy bastard. Calling yourself an entrepreneur is a joke and an insult to actual entrepreneurs.


You see an opportunity to solve a problem and go after it, regardless of your personal means. Speaking from experience, I can say that the biggest rush I get is not when someone buys our product the first time. Its when they buy it the second, third and fourth time…. I think you get the picture. Whatever it is that you do, make or sell, no matter how trivial, trite or small it may be, has had an impact on someone else’s life to the point that they place a monetary value on it.

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April 5, 2008 at 4:32 am

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